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Mrs. Day

2016 Mrs. Day

1st Hour: Plan
2nd Hour: Multimedia
3rd Hour: Computer Applications
4th Hour: Marketing
5th Hour: Advisory
6th Hour: Accounting
7th Hour: AP Computer Computer Science Principles
8th Hour: Marketing Release
I embrace teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower students. My objective as a teacher is to motivate my students toward a level of independence where they develop a desire to learn and think for themselves. To reach this end, I rely upon many activities. I expect my students to actively participate during classroom discussions as well as lesson demonstrations.  I believe that effective teachers understand what knowledge their students already  have, and find a way to tap into that knowledge and build upon it everyday. To me, technology is one of the most important tools an effective teacher can use in the classroom to address different learning styles, to create a productive learning environment, and to increase student motivation. I am continually searching for ways to incorporate technology into my daily classroom routines and activities.

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