English III Honors Class Syllabus

Mrs. Olivia Neal                     oneal@oakgrove.k12.mo.us                       816-690-5142 ext. 1629

Honors English III--                                                                              2016-2017 School Year

Course Syllabus and Expectations:

Course Description: This accelerated course will engage students in an in-depth study of the cornerstone in American literature from the Puritans to the present.  Students’ assignments will be frequent and rigorous.  Students will write more advanced critical essays, including comparison and contrast, theme and character analysis, and imaginative short story and poetry.  Students learn to support their essays’ thesis through quotations and references to readings.  Students will write a research paper using MLA documentation.  Grammar, mechanical, and vocabulary skills are stressed in preparation for the ACT. Students will be required to take the ACT, as per state mandate.

Grading: Grades will be a cumulative total of all points earned from class work, essays, quizzes, projects and tests. Attendance and participation in class is vital for success. No late work is accepted for full credit. In the case of an absence, the work is expected immediately upon the student’s arrival to school.

100-95 A     94-90 A-      89-87 B+     86-83 B       82-80 B-      79-77 C+    

76-73 C        72-70 C-      69-67 D+     66-63 D       62-60 D-      59-below F


     American Literature: Grade 11

     In Cold Blood

     The Great Gatsby

     A Raisin In The Sun Tuesdays With Morrie

Materials: Students should bring the following items with them to class every day.

  • Composition Notebook

  • Notebook paper

  • A pen or pencil

  • Textbook, novel, and/or various reading assignments

  • Glue Sticks

Expectations: I expect all students to cooperate, to explore, to complete assignments, to read, to write, to help one another in group settings, and to succeed. I expect students to be accountable for their own success. A student in high school should be responsible, accountable, and not afraid to ask for, or to give, help. Follow all guidelines in the student planner (pages 1-27) for specific school rules and consequences concerning behavior.


Class Rules:

     Late Work: Homework needs to be turned in at the BEGINNING of the hour, in order to be given full credit. Late work will not be accepted by the English Department. If a student wishes to make up late work, he/she must turn it in during Panther Pride Time.

     Cheating/Plagiarism: Academic dishonesty in ANY form will NOT be tolerated. I take cheating very seriously, whether it is a 10-point worksheet or 200-point exam. If you are caught cheating, you will be given a zero for that assignment. Remember: trust takes time to be gained, but it can be lost in a second.

     My Desk/Computer: Students are not allowed at my desk or on my computer. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary action.

     Food/Drink: NO food, drink, or snacks are allowed in class. Water is the only exception.

     Cell Phones/I-pods/MP3 Players are not allowed in the classroom. These items will be taken to the office if they are brought to class.